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Coal Grinding Mill Plant Manufacturers

Psted On 2020-02-24 16:33:07
Coal Grinding Mill Plant Manufacturers

Coal Grinding Mill Plant Manufacturers

Analysis Of Coal Gangue Raw Materials

Coal gangue is a kind of unavoidable solid waste in the process of coal mining and coal washing. In terms of composition, it is a kind of black gray rock with low carbon content and harder than coal associated with coal seam in the process of coal formation. Shanxi and other places are rich in coal resources, and the economic development of coal industry supports the development of urban industrial construction. Waste of coal gangue will cause a great waste of resources. We can use modern grinding equipment to finely and grind coal gangue, and play its due social value again. At present, the rapid development of internal gangue sintering porous brick industry not only solves the environmental pollution problem of gangue sulfide, but also realizes the comprehensive utilization of resources. The development prospect of gangue is very good.

Application Space Analysis Of Coal Gangue Grinding Powder

Under the guidance of the national new economic policy, there is no doubt about the prosperity of building materials market. The coal gangue enters the Coal Grinding Mill Plant for ultra-fine grinding after it is first broken by the crusher. As the material for sintering porous brick, manufacturing cement and block, the application space of the coal gangue powder is very large.

  • 1. With the help of simple technology, coal and pyrite can be recovered from coal gangue and the mineral value can be mined.
  • 2. Sintering porous brick, manufacturing cement, block and other building materials.
  • 3. Coal washing and gangue washing can be used for power generation.
  • 4. Coal gangue powder can replace clay to become the material of brick making, because carbon element can solve the problem of energy.
  • 5. Gangue can also be used to produce low calorific value gas, ceramics and soil improver.
  • 6. The coarse coal gangue powder can be used for road paving, underground filling and ground filling.

Advantage Analysis Of Coal Grinding Mill Plant

Compared with the traditional mill, the competitive advantage of the Coal Grinding Mill Plant is incomparable. As a new grinding equipment with many new grinding technologies, it has great innovation in design concept, reasonable structure, small floor area, low power consumption, long operation life, low cost of vulnerable parts and high cost performance. The specific parameters of the Coal Grinding Mill Plant have been equal to the advanced grinding technology, which represents the booming development process of the internal grinder industry.

  • 1. The Coal Grinding Mill Plant uses the pressure spring which can balance the pressurization function and the elastic connection which can play a stable shock absorption function. It uses the lever principle to connect the symmetrical grinding roller assembly with the horizontally placed spring through the pull rod. On the one hand, it reduces the vibration and noise, on the other hand, it improves the stability of the equipment by 40%.
  • 2. A&C Coal Grinding Mill Plant designed the structure of grinding roller and grinding ring into a stepped shape. By reducing the sliding speed of materials entering into the grinding roller and grinding ring, the materials were finely and fully ground, greatly improving the grinding efficiency of the production line.
  • 3. The Coal Grinding Mill Plant is equipped with a separator impeller which can improve the precision of powder separation and the high density of products. Under the condition of constant rotating speed, the user can change the density of the blades to form the influence on the fineness of finished products.
  • 4. The impeller adjusting device is simple and easy to operate. At the same time, through the air duct inclined inward, it can ensure that the material can fall into the mill smoothly along the inclined plane, so as to avoid blocking.