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Gold Ball Mill Prices In South Africa

Psted On 2018-10-17 16:30:07
Gold Ball Mill Prices In South Africa

Gold Ball Mill slag increase

In order to ensure the production profit of Gold Ball Mill, it is necessary to ensure the smooth production process, then it is necessary to reduce the occurrence of faults in production, and for the faults that have already occurred, it needs to be solved in time. Different faults, the solution is also different, here is to introduce the solution to increase the amount of slag.

First of all, let us introduce the cause of the fault of the Gold Ball Mill. By analyzing the situation of the material feeding and internal wear, we can find that the main causes of this fault are as follows:

1. The nozzle ring is worn and the cover on the spout ring is damaged. As a result, the wind speed in the mill does not reach the design wind speed, and the material cannot be lifted in time to cause slag;

2, the grinding disc ring is seriously worn, the gap is increased, the air leakage is serious, causing slag;

3. The guide cone is seriously worn and cannot effectively play the role of guiding logistics and airflow, causing slag;

4. The grinding roller skin and the grinding disc liner of the Gold Ball Mill are seriously worn, resulting in a decrease in the grinding pressure, a poor grinding effect, and an increase in the internal circulation load of the mill to cause slag;

5. The particle size of the milled material is larger than the maximum allowable particle size of the feed port, and the proportion of the bulk material is large, which increases the cyclic load in the mill of the Gold Ball Mill, causing the inner layer of the film to be unstable and causing spit. Increased slag;

6. Due to the material itself and the unloading time, the incoming grinding block material is excessively concentrated, which causes the cyclic load to increase and causes slag;

7. The material is poorly ground, the clinker ratio of the Gold Ball Mill is not suitable, and the hard-wearing components are more, which makes the circulating load in the membrane increase, causing slag;

8. Some cement plants choose to use fly ash instead of clay ingredients. Because of the large moisture content of fly ash in the rainy season, it is mixed with limestone in the homogenization plant without drying, and the fly ash is bonded when the Gold Ball Mill is running. At each feeding slipper and the three valve plates of the grinding, the more the more hanging, the more suddenly fell into the grinding to a certain extent, so that the internal load of the grinding suddenly increased, and the spit slag increased sharply;

9. The three-way valve plate is inflexible, normally open or due to the large moisture content of the material. After the valve plate is removed, the system leaks heavily and causes slag;

10. At the inlet hot air pipe of the Gold Ball Mill, the flow rate of the grinding gas is small due to material deposition, and the air volume is insufficient, causing slag;

After analyzing the cause of slag, we need to deal with this phenomenon in time to reduce the occurrence of slag and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. The main treatment methods for the Gold Ball Mill are as follows:

1. Regularly repair the nozzle ring and the grinding ring, repair the damaged cover on the nozzle ring, and replace the guide cone and the roller roll and the disc liner in time;

2. Reduce the particle size of the grinding material of the Gold Ball Mill (adjust the discharge of the upstream crushing equipment, increase the production management granularity, timely feed, reduce the degree of material separation, and keep the material level of the mixed material in two-thirds Above, and reduce the amount of materials with poor grindability;

3. Reduce the moisture of the moving material of the Gold Ball Mill, dry it in the stacker, turn it over, add a preheating air duct at the bottom of the three-way valve, and supply the hot air from the hot air duct. This reduces the The bonding of the wet material at the three valves is beneficial to the stability of the inner layer and reduces the slag;

4. Restore the three valves and clean them regularly into the hot air duct;