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Modification And Change In Ball Mill

Psted On 2018-10-17 16:37:49
Modification And Change In Ball Mill

How to repair Ball Mill accessories

The Ball Mill often wears out during the working process. These wears will cause the equipment to work normally. Considering the production cost, it is generally necessary to repair these worn parts. How to move the broken parts? Are the accessories of the machine equipment repaired after wear? Let me introduce this issue below.

The simple process of repairing worn Ball Mill accessories is usually: firstly using the welding process in the welding process or using electroplating, metal spraying, epoxy bonding, etc. to supplement the wear parts of the Ball Mill parts, and then mechanically machining. For the broken Ball Mill fittings, in order to maintain the original joint strength, the welding process is usually used for repair.

The welding process is called welding repair when it is used for repair work. The welding method is simple in process, easy to operate, short in repair process, good welding quality and high welding strength, and can maintain and improve the wear resistance of the Ball Mill equipment accessories. In addition, the welding equipment is simpler, with less man-hours and material consumption, and can be operated in various places. Therefore, it has been widely used in the repair of coal mine machinery.

At present, the welding repair method is mainly used for repairing various cracks and damages, welding various broken Ball Mill parts and repairing worn Ball Mill parts by surfacing. Surfacing is a process in which a layer of metal is deposited by welding on the surface of a Ball Mill. Its purpose is not to form a joint, so it is a special application of the welding process.